SmartGrid Conference 2017

SmartGrid Conference 2017
Electrical Engineers and technical personnel involved in the supply and distribution of electrical energy as well as in telecommunications, and who have a keen interest in the future evolution of utility networks will gain significant benefit from attending the Conference. Computer engineers and personnel involved in big data analytics would also find value.
Event Name: SmartGrid Conference 2017
Presenter(s): SAIEE
Event Date: 19 September 2017
Starting Date: 19 Sep 08:00
Ending Date: 21 Sep 16:00
Event Type: Conference
Event Theme: SmartGrid 2017
Venue: Eskom Conference Centre, Dale Road, Halfway House, Johannesburg
Province: Gauteng
Cost: Please View the SmartGrid Website for more infomation
Event Contact: SAIEE

SmartGrid Conference 2017


Smart Grids are the next generation of electrical distribution networks that incorporate and make use of information and communications technology (ICT) to dynamically manage the electrical grid in terms of balancing supply and demand in real time.

Smart Grids provide the ability for information to be gathered, such as the behavior of suppliers and consumers, and for this information to be used in an automatic fashion to improve the efficiency, reliability, sustainability and economics of generating and distributing electricity.

The theme for this year is: Service Delivery for a Smarter Africa. On the basis of improved efficiency and economics, it is strongly believed that the deployment of Smart Grids in South Africa and sub Saharan Africa would be of significant benefit in terms of improving service delivery in this Region.

The 2017 Conference draws on the success of the inaugural Conference that was held in February 2016, but has expanded to include a much wider eco-system including topics such as Smart Cities, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The program will also draw on plenary speakers from a number of the BRICS countries, in addition to speakers from Europe and the US.

Delegates attending the Conference will benefit from shared best practice and learn about the latest global trends within Smart Grids and the associated eco-system.


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