As early as your grade 7 year, you already start making choices for your future career. In this year you need to decide which type of High School you are going to attend. (For example a General Academic or Technical High School)

In your Grade 9 year you need to choose your subjects, and you need to decide which field of study you want to follow after matriculating. To enter into further studies for a career in Electrical Engineering, you need to pass Mathematics, Physical Science and a Language. To go to University you need to pass 4 subjects reasonably well. These must include Mathematics, Geometry, Science and a Language.

Universities and Universities of Technology require Mathematics and Physical Science as compulsory subjects for entry into their Electrical Engineering courses.

In your Grade 12 year you need to decide whether you want to attend University, University of Technology or FET College to further your studies. This choice will depend on your aim whether to become an Artisan, Technician, Technologist or Engineer in the Electrical Engineering field. You don’t have to go to university immediately to become an Electrical Engineer. Some of today’s most prominent figures in the Electrical Engineering society commenced their studies at FET College, then moved on to university of technology and ultimately qualified as Electrical Engineers at University.