AMEU & SAIEE Joint Webinar Series

DX Electrical Utilities of the Future

From 10th - 25th of August 2022, the Association of Municipal Electricity Utilities Southern Africa (AMEU) and the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) hosted a joint webinar series surrounding the topic of "DX Electrical Utilities of the Future". This webinar saw multiple presenters and panellists speaking on the subject, and was well attended online.

The joint webinar series took place over multiple sessions and over the course of 15 days. Please peruse the list of sessions below to view these videos on the SAIEE YouTube channel, SAIEETV!

AMEU/SAIEE Joint Webinar Series Date Topic Video Link
Session 1: Future-proofing of a Digital SA Municipal DX Electricity Utility of the Future 2022/08/10 Panel Discussion [click here]
  2022/08/10 Malcolm Van Harte [click here]
  2022/08/10 Mziyanda Mbuseli [click here]
  2022/08/10 Rakesh Maharaj [click here]
  2022/08/10 Thomas Garner [click here]
  2022/08/10 Prof Pat Naidoo [click here]
  2022/08/10 Prof Wikus Van Niekerk [click here]
  2022/08/10 Dr Willie De Beer [click here]
  2022/08/10 Vally Padayachee [click here]
  2022/08/10 Jayshree Pershad [click here]
Session 2: Exploring Use Cases for Typical SA Municipality Distribution Electricity Utilities 2022/08/12 Panel Discussion [click here]
  2022/08/12 Shane Prins [click here]
  2022/08/12 Hendrick Raedani [click here]
  2022/08/12 Passmore Dongi [click here]
  2022/08/12 Michael Nkosi [click here]
  2022/08/12 Q & A Session [click here]
  2022/08/12 Cynthia Ngomane [click here]
  2022/08/12 Dr Chantel Naidoo [click here]
  2022/08/12 Thebe Mamakoko [click here]
  2022/08/12 Steve Nicholls [click here]
  2022/08/12 Previous Session Recap [click here]
Session 3: Evolving business models for a sustainable SA municipality Dx Electricity Utility 2022/08/16 Al'louis Van Deventer [click here]
  2022/08/16 Stephane Barbeau [click here]
  2022/08/16 Tony Woods & Lesley Ferrando [click here]
  2022/08/16 Matt Baumgurel & Adriaan van der Merwe [click here]
  2022/08/16 At van der Merwe [click here]
  2022/08/16 Vally Padayachee [click here]
Session 4: Asset Management for a sustainable SA municipality Dx Electricity Utility 2022/08/18 Panel Discussion [click here]
  2022/08/18 Abdul Aziz Jacobs [click here]
  2022/08/18 Teboho Ramorapeli [click here]
  2022/08/18 Floris Mostert [click here]
  2022/08/18 Amar Jaykaran [click here]
  2022/08/18 Leanetse Matutoane [click here]
Session 5: Effective Integration of Embedded Generation in a SA Municipal DX Electricity Utility 2022/08/23 Panel Discussion [click here]
  2022/08/23 Chandima Gomes [click here]
  2022/08/23 Monique Leroux [click here]
  2022/08/23 Warrick Pierce [click here]
  2022/08/23 Hendrick Raedani [click here]
  2022/08/23 Mark Borchers [click here]
Session 6: Impact of the 3 D’s in a typical SA municipality DX electricity utility 2022/08/25 Lloyd Jones [click here]
  2022/08/25 Malcolm Van Harte [click here]
  2022/08/25 Hans-Arilde Bredesen [click here]
  2022/08/25 Esrom Malatji [click here]
  2022/08/25 David Nicholls [click here]
  2022/08/25 Veer Ramnarain [click here]
  2022/08/25 Panel Discussion [click here]