Below are a list of questions that have been asked frequently by our Members, as well as by the public.

If you have any qeustion of your own, you can contact the SAIEE Head Offices on 011-487-3003, or by emailing

  •  Where is the SAIEE Membership Application Form on the SAIEE Website?

    The Membership Application forms can be found by navigating to the Membership drop-down menu, located in the top row of menu items to the far right. In this drop down menu, you have three options: SAIEE Membership, Join the SAIEE & Membership Fees.

    By clicking on 'Join the SAIEE', you will be redirected to a page with a short description of what each Grade of Membership will entail, as well as a button stating 'Click Here' under each heading. Clicking on this button will redirect you to a login page. Input your account details (if you already have an account on the website) and log in, or Create A New Account if you have not done so already.

    This Account Creation/Basic Website Account wll form the basis for your Membership Profile in the future, as well as enable you to receive notifications from the SAIEE by way of Newsletters or SMS's
  • I am already a Member of the SAIEE - where do I obtain my account log in details?

    Pre-exisiting Members of the SAIEE will already have an account on the SAIEE Online Database. All that is required of them to obtain these account details is to navigate to the Login page (click on the text at the top of the SAIEE page, shown on all pages). You will be redirected to the Login area. At this page you will be greeted with some text that reads as follows:

    "Please be aware that if you are an SAIEE member and need to obtain your login information for the first time, you can use the Forgot Your Password functionality provided. You will need to use the email address at which you receive SAIEE correspondence, which is also your username on the system."

    By clicking on the hyperlinked text, you will be redirected once more to a secondary page where you will be able to claim your unique, randomly generated SAIEE login password associated with your profile. Take special note that you use the email address that you receive correspondence from, or, in the event that you are an SAIEE Member, but do not receive correspondence, you use the email address you have logged with the SAIEE Head Offices Membership Department. This is vital in order to receive your new password. If you are insure of the primary email address you have logged with the SAIEE, you can contact the SAIEE Membership Department: Connie 011-487-9045 or Thandolwethu 011-487-9053
  • How do I subscribe to the weekly newsletter and/or communications and correspondence from the SAIEE?

    In order to receive notifications from the SAIEE (by way of Newsletters, Emails, SMS's or via our News Section on the website), you will need to create and account. Simply navigate to the top of the page and click on Create Account.

    If you already have an account with the SAIEE or you are a pre-existing Member of the SAIEE, but are not receiving notifications or correspondence, then there may be settings associated with your profile which haven't been enabled. You can do this by logging in to your profile (see the point above for assistance) and checking the options associated with Receiving Newsletters, Journals or your Primary Email Address. If you require assistance with this, you can contact the Membership Department: Connie 011-487-9045 or Thandolwethu 011-487-9053
  • How do I use the SAIEE Public Payment Portal?

    In an effort to make payments to the SAIEE a bit easier, we have integrated a Public Payment Portal, however there are some steps to take with regards to using this section of the website.

    First you will need to Create An Account. This is to ensure that you have a one-stop profile that you can use repeatedly for making various payments. If you already have a profile (and are not a Member), then you just have to log in.

    Once u have Logged In/Created An Account, under the 'Home' drop-down menu, there is an option titled 'Public Payment Portal'. Clicking on his will redirect you to the Payment Portal page. Take special note to follow all the instructions clearly on that page, and that you use the correct reference numbers associated with your payment. For assistance on this, you can contact the SAIEE Head Offices Accounts Department: Joanne Griffin 011-487-9053 / Unathi Mabeta 011-487-9059