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The Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) registers professional persons who are engineers,
technologists, technicians and certified engineers.

The Council is the statutory body constituted in terms of the Engineering Professions Act, of 2000.

Professionals are registered, provided that they have met the required qualifications and experience.
Because of registration, the public is protected against imposters and misconduct by registered persons.

Young graduates and diplomats should register with ECSA as one of the following:

  • an Engineer in Training
  • a Professional Engineer
  • a Technologist in Training
  • a Professional Technologist (Engineering)
  • an Engineering Technician in Training
  • a Registered Engineering Technician
  • a Certified Engineer in Training
  • a Registered Certified Engineer


Registration is a statutory requirement if you:

  • Perform consulting engineering work
  • Take the responsibility for the performance of engineering work
  • Perform functions as laid down in certain statutes (For example: the National Building Regulations)
  • Wish to become a full member of some Institutes

It is also beneficial for the following reasons:

Recognition in the eyes of the public that you belong to a profession – 30 000 registered persons strong –
with high ideals of Professionalism and self-regulation. The registered title behind your name means a lot!

Greater trust by the private and public sectors because they are aware that you are bound by legal requirements
and an ethical code.

Since admission to registration is based upon peer evaluation of both your academic qualification and your
engineering experience – this offers greater confidence in your professional competence. Although not the
prime objective of registration, you gain in status and are in a better negotiating position when seeking a job
– the longer you are registered the better.