SAIEE Western Cape Centre | October Lecture

SAIEE Western Cape Centre | October Lecture
DISCLAIMER: Views expressed in these discussions may not be in alignment with SAIEE policy, opinion and guidelines
Event Name: SAIEE Western Cape Centre | October Lecture
Presenter(s): Mr. A. Mitchell
Event Date: 11 October 2018
Event Time: 18:00 - 20:00
Event Type: CPD Course
Event Theme: An Engineering Analysis: The Energy Universe and A
Venue: The Athenaeum, Access via Boundary Terraces gate, off Mariendahl Road, Newlands
Province: Western Cape
Cost: Please Contact Heinrich Rudman For More Info
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Event Contact: Heinrich Rudman
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SAIEE Western Cape Centre | October Lecture

Event Name: SAIEE WCC - October Lecture

Event Date: 11 October 2018 at 18:00

RSVP to: by 8 October 2018

Note: Lecture proceeded by demonstration of Magic picnic table with magnetinos, electrinos, photinos and gravitinos..

At Venue: The Athenaeum, Campground Road, Newlands,

Access via Boundary Terraces gate, off Mariendahl Road

(Close next to Newlands Cricket Stadium),18.4671722,18z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x8e2ff261efb376ac!8m2!3d-33.9748339!4d18.4681571




A Discussion Session on Universal Clockwork Oranges and Eskom Lemons
The session is a blend of two intertwining renewable energy topics:
- How the Universe appears out of nothing, expands, contracts and recycles everything, continuously, and

How to restore Eskom – how to arrest the cash flow diversions it and the SADC power pool neighbours simply cannot afford.
In discussion 1, we will answer most, if not all of Stephen Hawking’s remaining unanswered questions, and
Discussion 2, How South Africa’s learned societies are required to intervene to terminate the state capture phenomenon

DISCLAIMER: Views expressed in this discussions may not be in alignment with SAIEE policy, opinion and guidelines.


Presenter CVs: “Magnet Girl” Zahra, and her ‘kick-started ’ GrandPa Alan Mitchell

Zahra, born in November 2008 somewhere North of the Vaal River, in what used to be called the Transvaal, is a future president of South Africa, who delegates effectively. In October 2017 she ordered Alan to bring 12 identical magnets with himself and Granny Chris in two days’ time, when they came to Hoedspruit. Because of that, you see him here before you all today.

Retired ESCom/Eskom electrical engineer Alan was born in 1943 in Sea Point, Cape Town. His school career began at Knysna Primary in 1949, and continued in Johannesburg at Yeoville Primary and Rivonia Primary, and in Cape Town at Plumstead Primary and Wynberg Boys' High School. As 1960 Dux Ludorum, he was awarded an honorary scholarship by the Wynberg Old Boys Union.

Thanks to a bursary from ESCom, he enrolled at UCT to do a four year degree in light-current electrical engineering. After an epic struggle through three years of pure and applied mathematics, he was pronounced not bright enough to do final year physics, so took on heavy current electrics instead. Late in 1964 he emerged, more than a bit bewildered, with a BSc Eng (Elec) degree, awarded with first class honours.

In January 1965, put on a train from Muizenberg, then taken off at Simon’s Town, he began basic naval training with a very short haircut, stitching his name in black cotton on his blue shirts, cleaning communal toilets. Nine months later, he left the SA Navy as a junior electrical officer. During his Navy service, he was invited to morning tea in Cape Town City Hall. In exchange for a naval morning tea dog-biscuit, the mayor of Cape Town quietly slipped him a Cape Town Corporation gold medal, apparently a traditional reward for not upsetting too many engineering professors in one’s final year at UCT.

In September 1965, his civilian life resumed. He trained for some weeks on the electrical commissioning staff of Noel Sleed, ESCom Resident Electrical Engineer Construction at Komati Power Station, near Witbank. In February 1966 ESCom sent him on a two-year graduate apprentice CA Parsons in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. There he spent two years learning how not to build, test and commission very large steam turbines, generators, transformers, astronomic telescopes, magneto-hydrodynamic generators and super-conducting direct current machines.

On his return from the UK, ESCom offered him an appointment as a junior Head Office Engineer, starting his ESCom career with the traditional job of designing and ordering the main control room key cupboard for his first power station project. (This is a humbling and useful way of learning one's way around a large coal-fired power station with multiple boiler/turbine/generator units.

Highlight of his career, The CIGRÉ Technical Committee Award, in recognition of “his outstanding contribution to the work of CIGRÉ Study Committee 11: Rotating Machines”, was bestowed in 1995.
Alan retired from Eskom on April fools’ day in 2000, after 40 years on ESCom and Eskom payrolls, from January 1966 to end March 2000. He still fools around with machines, magnets, electrons photons, and gravitons, and loves talking about them on every possible occasion, whether or not anyone cares

Map Link:,18.4671722,18z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x8e2ff261efb376ac!8m2!3d-33.9748339!4d18.4681571
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