SAIEE Head Office | Fundamentals of Power Distribution

SAIEE Head Office | Fundamentals of Power Distribution
This workshop is relevant to the following personnel in the electrical field in mining and industrial environments: design engineers/technologists/technicians; consulting engineers; design draughtsman; project planners/ estimators; process plant engineers
Event Name: SAIEE Head Office | Fundamentals of Power Distribution
Event Date: 19 February 2019
Starting Date: 19 Feb 07:30
Ending Date: 20 Feb 17:00
Event Type: CPD Course
Event Theme: Fundamentals of Power Distribution
Venue: , ,
Province: Gauteng
Event Contact: Roberto Benites

CPD Details
Activity Number: SAIEE-1337-V
Activity Title Fundamentals of Power Distribution
Activity Type Category 1
Provider SAIEE
Credits 2

SAIEE Head Office | Fundamentals of Power Distribution


1. Introduction to Distribution, Transmission and Generation (D1)

2. Networks configurations and reliability (D2)

3. Earth Fault Protection in L.V. Systems (D3)

4. Electric Shock hazard (D4)

5. Cable selection for MV and LV distribution (D5)

6. Sizing of cables (D6)

7. Effect of Fault Current on Cable (D7)

8. Cables for Direct-On-Line Starters (D8)

9. Overhead Lines (D9)

10. Motor Control Centres design (D10)

11. MCC Schematics (D11)

12. Motor Control Aspects (D12)

13. Lighting and Small power Distribution (D13)



* Sets out power configurations and related reliability
* Overview of electrical hazards and safety precautions including earth fault protection
* The Workshops covers Motor Control Centre (MCC) design including schematics
* Engaging in calculations for economic and safe sizing power cables
* Provides insight into motor control aspects
* Provides voltage drop calculations in L.V. reticulation
* Thermal and dynamic stress on cables during short circuit

19-20 February 2019
(Registration is from 08h00 - 08h30)

Roberto Benites
(t) 011-487-9042