SAIEE ECC | Earthing & Lightning Protection Workshop

SAIEE ECC | Earthing & Lightning Protection Workshop
Earthing (Grounding) plays a major role in all electrical power systems because of the particular influence of earthing on the performance, protection, security and reliability of supply.
Event Name: SAIEE ECC | Earthing & Lightning Protection Workshop
Event Date: 15 August 2019
Starting Date: 15 Aug 08:00
Ending Date: 16 Aug 16:00
Event Type: CPD Course
Event Theme: Earthing & Lightning Protection
Venue: Blue Lagoon Hotel & Conference Centre, 21 Blue Bend Place, Blue Bend
Province: Eastern Cape
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Event Contact: Roberto Benites
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SAIEE ECC | Earthing & Lightning Protection Workshop


SAIEE-1962-V, 2 CPD credits : Category 1


Earthing (Grounding) plays a major role in all electrical power systems because of the particular influence of

earthing on the performance, protection, security and reliability of supply.

Electric utilities in different countries apply particular earthing methods depending on the particular nature and requirements of their distribution systems. For proper operation and maintenance of electric power substations it is important to understand and maintain correct earthing system in the utility substation and in industrial electrical networks

The course is intended to provide theoretical and practical knowledge that enables the participants to have an in-depth understanding of the applications, overall theory and essential issues relevant to system and equipment earthing.

Delegates will gain a detailed appreciation of the following:

• Principles, design, testing and maintenance of earthing systems and equipment

• Hazards and safety precautions associated with earthing

• Electrical safety requirements and procedures

• Lightning and the role of earthing in Lightning Protection

• Earthing and noise in electronic circuits


DAY 1 :

Basic Definitions and Preliminaries

• Reasons for Power Systems Earthing

• Reasons for Equipment Earthing (Bonding)

• Touch and Step Potentials

• Power System Earth Systems (LV, MV and HV)

Earth Electrode Systems

• Objectives

• Resistance Requirements

• Soil Resistivity

• Measurement of Soil Resistivity

• Types of Earth Electrode Systems

• Resistance Properties

• Measurement of the Resistance of Earth Electrodes

Electrode Enhancement and Protection

• Electrode Enhancement

• Lightning Protectors

• Resistance and Surface Potential Distribution of Typical Earth Electrode Construction

• Constructional aspects of Earths of Earthing Electrodes

DAY 2 :

Lightning and Lightning/Surge Protection

• Physics of Lightning

• Electrical Surges due to Lightning

• Direct and Indirect Surges due to Lightning Strikes

• Lightning Waveforms

• Lightning Protection Systems (Evaluation and Selection)

• Lightning Protection of Electricity Supply Systems

• Lightning Protection for Buildings

• Surge Protection of Computer and Communication Equipment and Systems

• SANS Standards


Who should attend?

• Instrumentation and Control Engineers

• Consulting Engineers

• Electrical Engineers

• Project Engineers

• Maintenance Engineers

• Power System Protection and Control Engineers

• Building Service Designers

• Data Systems Planners and Managers

• Electrical and Instrumentation Technicians

COST : Non-Member R7,500, SAIEE Member R5,500

*Note: If proof of payment is received before commencement of the course, the following rates will apply:

Non-member R6,750 ; SAIEE member R4,950.


22-23 Auguts 2019

Blue Lagoon Conference Centre, East London

Registration : 08:00 – 08:30

Workshop : 08:30 - 16:30 (est.)


Prof. J.J. (Jerry) Walker – Dtech

After completing his National Higher Diploma in Engineering (Electrical) in 1986 and spending almost 23 years in industry, Prof Walker joined Vaal Triangle Technikon - now known as Vaal University of Technology (VUT) as a lecturer in the Dept. of Power Engineering. In 1996 he completed his BTech degree and in 1997 started with post graduate studies, specialising in diagnostic testing of XLPE-insulated cables. In 2004 Prof Walker completed his DTech degree at VUT. Title of his Doctoral thesis: “Diagnostic Evaluation of Water Tree Aged XLPE-Insulated Cables”. In 2005 he was appointed as Associate Professor at VUT and then as Head, Institute for High Voltage Studies. He retired from VUT in 2006.

Presently Prof. Walker is:

• Director of his own company: WALMET TECHNOLOGIES (PTY) LTD

• Visiting Professor at VUT managing Research and supervising Post Graduates in Power Engineering.

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