Electrical Engineering Fundamentals for non-Electrical Engineers | SAIEE Training Academy JHB

Electrical Engineering Fundamentals for non-Electrical Engineers | SAIEE Training Academy JHB
Event Name: Electrical Engineering Fundamentals for non-Electrical Engineers | SAIEE Training Academy JHB
Event Date: 09 December 2019
Starting Date: 09 Dec 08:00
Ending Date: 10 Dec 16:00
Event Type: CPD Course
Event Theme: Electrical Engineering for non-Electrical Engineer
Venue: SAIEE House, 18A Gill Street, Observatory, Johannesburg
Province: Gauteng
Cost: Please contact Roberto Benites for more info on this course
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RSVP to: 06 December 2019
Event Contact: Roberto Benites
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Electrical Engineering Fundamentals for non-Electrical Engineers | SAIEE Training Academy JHB



Electricity has become a part and parcel of the modern society and we cannot think of leading a life without electricity. Therefore, the knowledge of electrical engineering has become essential to successfully utilize the electrical energy and operate the electrical equipment not only for the electrical engineers but also for non-electrical engineers. In this course certain important aspects of electrical engineering required for nonelectrical engineers and the operating principles of some commonly used electrical devices will be dealt with.

This training workshop is designed to serve as a resource for exploring and understanding basic electrical energy generation, transmission principles and distribution strategies, without relying on complex mathematics but an easy to grasp format. It also includes an explanation of energy engineering terms, an understanding of electrical energy cost and tips on improvement of electrical energy intensity in the industrial and commercial environment as well as providing discussion on the generation of electricity from renewable sources.

The facilitator will cover all facets of electrical engineering, including the latest maintenance techniques, and guidelines and rules that ensure the sustainable and safe operation of relevant equipment. The attendees will learn how to select and size all electrical equipment. They will also learn how to specify the main maintenance activities required for all electrical equipment. In addition, the workshop will cover thoroughly all the compliance concepts associated with electrical equipment.

The course leader relies on a highly interactive training method to enhance the learning process. This method ensures that all the delegates gain a complete understanding of all the topics covered. The training environment is highly stimulating, challenging, and effective because the participants will learn by case studies which will allow them to apply the material taught to their own workplaces.

Workshop Outcomes

  • · Gain an understanding of the operating characteristics of all electrical equipment
  • · Learn about utility generation, transmission and distribution
  • · Understand the practical steps in selection, installation and commissioning of electrical systems
  • · Master all the diagnostic techniques and inspections required of critical components of electrical equipment.
  • · Understand thoroughly all the tests required for the various types of electrical equipment
  • · Determine all the maintenance and troubleshooting activities required to minimize electrical equipment downtime and operating cost
  • · Learn how to select electrical equipment by using the performance characteristics and selection criteria
  • · Equipment Codes and Standards: Learn all the codes and standards applicable for electrical equipment

JOHANNESBURG 9 -10 December 2019

COST : Non-Member R7,500, SAIEE Member R5,500 (Early-Bird Disc. - Non-Mem R6,750, Mem R4,950) *T's & C's Apply (AMEU Rate. - R6,800)

For further information, please contact 011-487-9042 or roberto@saiee.org.za

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