The 68th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture | Johannesburg

The 68th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture | Johannesburg
[SUPPORTED BY THE IEEE SOUTH AFRICA SECTION] Join us for the 68th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture! This is a free event, but BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL!
Event Name: The 68th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture | Johannesburg
Presenter(s): Prof. Bob Metcalfe
Event Date: 16 September 2019
Event Time: 18:30 - 21:00
Event Type: Lecture
Event Theme: "Connectivity"
Venue: Great Hall, 3 Jorissen Street, Johannesburg
Province: Gauteng
Event Contact: Gerda Geyer

The 68th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture | Johannesburg

SAIEE 68th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture


The single most important new fact about the human condition is that we are all connected. In just 50 short years we have managed to connect half of the people on earth, some four billion individuals. Such connectivity has created numerous challenges which we are still grappling with as to how to handle, while on the horizon comes the augmented video mobile Gigabit Internet of Things which is going drive such connectivity into tens of billions in terms of numbers.


About Prof. Bob Metcalfe

Bob Metcalfe is an engineer and entrepreneur who co-invented Ethernet in 1973 while employed by Xerox. Following his departure from Xerox in 1979 he co-founded the 3Com company, a manufacturer of computer networking equipment. 3Com was acquired by Hewlett Packard in 2010. In 1990 Bob left 3Com and began a 10-year stint as a publisher and pundit, writing for InfoWorld.

Since January 2011 Bob has been Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Texas in Austin USA. He is also the Murchison Fellow of Free Enterprise at the University.


Great Hall, WITS University, 3 Jorrisen Street, Johannesburg
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16 September 2019


Gerda Geyer
(t) 011-487-3003


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