SAIEE WCC | Presidential Address & Panel Discussion

SAIEE WCC | Presidential Address & Panel Discussion
Engineers add value to the lives of society. Our trade is indeed a service to humanity. Despite massive progress, we are still faced with many grand challenges. Inevitably, the exercise of our trade crosses paths with other necessary trades, chief among them that of making technical decisions with multiple competing priorities. In taking these technical decisions, one is expected to make the most optimal decision at all times. Society, regulators, and investors leave very little room for error for the technical decision-maker. The pressure to minimise the cost of societal services continues to grow. The talk will analyse the use of tools and systems to make fast and relatively accurate decisions in work. What efficiencies do better utilisation of masses of information present to the decision-maker? How does this influence the nature of new businesses? Could we eventually do without a human as the decision-maker? Will the engineer become extinct? Are there pitfalls to potential autonomous systems?
Event Name: SAIEE WCC | Presidential Address & Panel Discussion
Presenter(s): Prince Moyo
Event Date: 19 May 2022
Event Time: 18:00 - 20:00
Event Type: Presidential Inaugural Address
Event Theme: Information Analytics and Decision-making In Busin
Venue: City of Cape Town Electricity Services, Bloemhof campus, 56 Bloemhof Road, Bloemhof, Cape Town
Province: Western Cape
Cost: Free
Event Contact: Heinrich Rudman

SAIEE WCC | Presidential Address & Panel Discussion
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