Stan Bridgens Retiring After 12 Years At The Helm
January 30, 2019  

Supplied by SAIEE Management from SAIEE


My term of CEO is coming to an end – it would have been at the end of 2018, but due to a few delays I will be handing over to Sicelo Xulu end of January and take my leave after the AGM on the 27th March 2019 - I hope to see many of you there.

What creeps up subconsciously, is how the welfare and happiness of one are more dependent on certain things in the workplace. Facing the change, I appreciate how significant to me, the interaction with members has been over the years.

The compliments, brickbats, encouragement, networking and sharing member aspirations has been my daily bread, like breakfast, for some 12 years. It kept me strong!

Just being in contact with engineers, academics and people I have interacted with over 50 years in the fraternity – kicking myself when I forget their names but recognising the face and conversing as if there never was a break in contact - this has been my privileged and enjoyable working life.

The other great pleasure has been meeting our new young members. They not only keep you on your toes, but they also challenge the old guard - as they have done since time immemorial. So what's new?

I am going to have to keep this interaction going - if I know what's good for me. As I see it, when invited as a Past President, I hope to serve on Council and Committees. I will also be part of the Past Presidents Forum, and I hope to continue the work done by Institutes for ECSA.

I have the privilege of witnessing their contribution of the doyens on Council Members over the years - I shall attempt to follow their example in serving our noble Institute.

Later, I hope to write an article for wattnow, of my take on Institute matters and experiences.

Thank you, Members, for your support and kindness over the years. Please continue responding to wattnow callings, knowing that your SAIEE membership is vital for networking as is your professional development.