February 27, 2019  

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27 FEBRUARY 2019 - JOHANNESBURG: The SAIEE has taken note of a DA press release from Mr John Moodey that has resulted in comments made in the press around the appointment of Mr Sicelo Xulu as CEO of the SAIEE.

In addition to previous statements the SAIEE President has made on the appointment of our new CEO, the following additional information is of relevance:

As President of the SAIEE I take pride in leading the SAIEE with integrity and fairness in any matter at hand.

The SAIEE examined applications for the CEO post without fear or favour, examined the evidence before us and came to the conclusion we did: To appoint Mr. Sicelo Xulu as the best person available.

Throughout the recruitment process we were aware of the media reports around Sicelo when he left City Power as CEO. We were aware of the potential reputational risk to the organisation and also the perceptions that our stakeholders may hold because of the recent events in our country.

Of equal importance to us, was to conduct a fair and ethical process based on (available) proven evidence with a view of recruiting the best possible candidate. We had access to several reports that were compiled around the matter.

As stated before, an easy option would have been to quietly overlook applicants which have faced controversial matters. This option would have been unethical and unfair conduct from the selection panel.

The City Power Board did issue Mr Sicelo Xulu with a certificate of good service. This document was signed by the current Chairman of the City Power Board Ms Lael Bethlehem on 28 September 2017.
This document is available on the SAIEE website and can be viewed

The SAIEE has requested a meeting with the DA leadership to clarify the issues raised in yesterday’s press release.

The SAIEE will act with integrity on any matter before it. Any person is welcome to provide information to the SAIEE which is proven and tested and of relevant-material nature about any one of its members or officials. The SAIEE Council will take appropriate action on such cases.

Issued by
Dr Hendri Geldenhuys SAIEE President