CPD Notification on Validated Activities
February 18, 2020  

Supplied by SAIEE Training Academy Executive Manager from SAIEE

18 March 2020

Dear Registered Stakeholder,

It has come to the attention of the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) that certain providers have been impersonating our brand on CPD activity material in order to extort money from unsuspecting ECSA registered persons.

To avoid being misled by these unscrupulous providers, please note the following:

• All activities validated for the ECSA CPD program are listed on the ECSA’s website.

• The validation number of the CPD activity can be obtained from the activity provider or from the marketing material of the activity.

• The validity of the activity can be verified by visiting following link: https://engineeringcouncilsa.microsoftcrmportals.com/cpd-activities/ and using the validation number in the search field.

• If no information is returned; the activity is not validated and therefore cannot be recorded under Category 1: Development Activities.

ECSA therefore respectfully request that all registered persons first confirm the validity of the CPD activity for Category 1: Developmental Activities before making payment to any activity provider.

If you require any further assistance or suspect any foul play, please call us on 0861 225 555, send an email to engineer@ecsa.co.za.

Yours faithfully,

Carmen Wright (Ms)

Manager: Education and CPD

1st Floor Waterview Corner, 2 Ernst Oppenheimer Ave, Bruma
Private Bag X69 | Bruma, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2026
Tel: +27 11 607 9500 | Fax: +27 11 622 9295 | email: engineer@ecsa.co.za