Peotona boss and empowerment leader Dolly Mokgatle dies
January 12, 2021  

Supplied by Minx Avrabos from SAIEE

The SAIEE Executive and Council extended its condolences to the family of co-founder and executive director of Peotona Holdings Group, Mrs Dolly Mokgatle, following her sudden death on Saturday 9 January 2021.

We last met with Dolly as a keynote speaker at the SAIEE Women’s Day Breakfast in August 2019, where she shared anecdotal stories and inspiring messages to our attendees which left us all in awe. “It is with deep regret that I learned of the passing of Dolly. She was a sterling supporter of our Institute and the keynote speaker at our Women’s Day breakfast in 2019. Having worked alongside her in 2015, I will remember her for her knowledge, leadership, wisdom, humble nature and friendship. She was a pioneer in the advancement of women in all spheres” said Sy Gourrah, SAIEE President.

Mrs Mokgatle served as Chief Executive Officer of Spoornet until January 2005.  Before that she was MD of the Transmission Group in Eskom where she was the first woman, the first black person and first non-technical person to be appointed to that position.  

She was Executive Director of Corporate Affairs; Senior General Manager, Growth of Development and Acting Legal manager after her promotion from a corporate legal consultant.

Before joining Eskom, she was a Litigation Officer of the Black Lawyers Association Legal Education Centre. She focused mainly on political cases, housing, labour and other human rights violation matters.

She previously joined the University of the Witwatersrand as Research Officer with the Centre for Applied Legal Studies and being a Professional Assistant at the Public Interest Law Firm, Cheadle, Thompson and Haysom. In this capacity she worked in General Human Rights, Homeland Removals, Pass Laws, Rural Communities Rights, working closely with Professor John Dugard on cases such as the Moutse Community in Bronkhorstspruit, who took their incorporation into the then Bophuthatswana Homeland territory to Parliament.

Until November 2008, she was actively involved in the restructuring of the Electricity Distribution Industry. She Chaired the Holding Company’s Board, which was established and tasked by the Government to oversee, facilitate, and monitor Regional Electricity Distributors’ establishment throughout the country.

In 2005 she was involved in National Energy regulation in South Africa (NERSA) as Deputy Chairman of the Board, and Chairman of the Electricity Committee, a position she owned until 2009. She has accumulated extensive experience in the Energy sector over the year, both from a Commercial and Policy point of view.

In October 2012 she was appointed as Chairperson of the State Diamond Trader, Zurich Insurance Company and Total SA.

In February 2015 the Deputy President appointed her as a member of the Advisory Panel on Eskom.

The cause of her death is still to be determined.