Report-back with video and presentations: 2nd Renewable Hydrogen and Green Powerfuels Webinar for South Africa
April 20, 2021  

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Issue 32, April 2021








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Renewable hydrogen and green powerfuel opportunities for South Africa.

A webinar hosted by EE Business Intelligence and the British High Commission to South Africa.




EE Business Intelligence and the British High Commission to South Africa co-hosted a high-level webinar in association with the South African Department of Trade, Industry and Competition, the World Bank, Sasol, Toyota South Africa, Linde and Investec Bank.


DATE: Tuesday 13 April 2021

TIME: 14h00 to 17h15


There were about 2400 online registrations for the webinar. Attendance on the day peaked at about 1300 attendees.


Presenters and presentations (click links to download presentations)


·     Hon. Nigel Casey, British High Commissioner to South Africa 

·     Hon. Ebrahim Patel, Minister of Trade, Industry & Competition, South Africa

·     Mr. Richard North, Dept for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), UK

·     Dr. Fernando de Sisternes, Green Hydrogen Lead, World Bank, USA, 

·     Mr. Fleetwood Grobler, CEO of Sasol 

·     Mr. Andrew Kirby, CEO of Toyota South Africa 

·     Dr. David Burns, Vice President for Clean Hydrogen, Linde, Germany

·     Mr. Andre Wepener, Head: Power & Infrastructure Finance, Investec Bank


Audio/video recording



For ease of reference the following is a breakdown of the various sections of the webinar which are accessible at the following times in the video (hh:mm:ss):


00:00:00: Welcome by Mr. Chris Yelland, EE Business Intelligence

00:07:05: Introduction by Mr. Nigel Casey, British High Commissioner to SA

00:13:26: Keynote address by DTIC Minister Ebrahim Patel

00:36:54: Presentation by Mr. Richard North, GU Government 

01:01:45: Presentation by Dr. Fernando de Sisternes, World Bank, USA 

01:24:00: Presentation by Mr. Fleetwood Grobler, CEO, Sasol 

01:50:00: Presentation by Mr. Andrew Kirby, CEO, Toyota SA 

02:22:57: Presentation by Dr. David Burns, Linde, Germany 

02:36:10: Q & A session moderated by Mr. Chris Yelland

03:05:00: Summary and wrap-up by Mr. Andre Wepener, Investec Bank 

03:09:38: Announcement of next webinar by Chris Yelland




Green powerfuels are synthetic gaseous or liquid fuels based on renewable hydrogen, which is hydrogen obtained by the electrolysis of water using renewable electricity. Green powerfuels are therefore a renewable alternative to fossil fuels as their use avoids net emissions of CO2. Green powerfuels are used in sectors which may be difficult to decarbonise and not easily driven directly by renewables-based electricity, including road and rail transportation, shipping, and production of steel, cement and fertiliser, amongst others.


South Africa has exceptional wind and solar natural resources, 50 years of experience in the commercial production of synthetic fuels and associated chemicals using the Fischer-Tropsch process, and a vibrant local automotive manufacturing sector. This provides the country a unique opportunity for decarbonisation, re-industrialisation and job creation around the Green Economy in in support of a Just Energy Transition, centred around the production of green powerfuels and electric vehicles.


The webinar explored the policies, business case, technologies and opportunities for South Africa by renewable hydrogen and green powerfuels, in the transportation, chemicals, cement, iron and steel sectors in South Africa.