Big step forward for energy security and stability in South Africa as liquefied natural gas arrives at DNG Germiston
November 30, 2021  

Supplied by Minx Avrabos from SAIEE


DNG Energy has received a shipment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) at its plant in Germiston, clearing the way for the company to accelerate its pilot projects with its partners in the weeks to come. These groundbreaking pilot projects aim to test the feasibility of using LNG as an alternative to diesel, offering a proof of concept for a cleaner and more affordable option for transport, industrial, power generation and mining.


This latest development follows the arrival of South Africa’s first LNG shipment from Rotterdam, Netherlands in a historic moment for the energy market. The arrival of this cost-effective alternative energy is the culmination of seven years of planning, permitting, and licensing efforts, which heralds the commencement of an investment program of some R5bn over the next several years to ensure bulk affordable and reliable LNG supply comes into South Africa. 


Speaking at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the plant, DNG Energy Group CEO Aldworth Mbalati said: “It has taken us several years, -big investments and preparations of infrastructure rollout to get to this point, now a new dawn has arrived for South Africa’s energy market. We are especially proud that it is a private, 100%-black African-owned business that is enabling a future where energy is cleaner and more cost-effective than ever. 


“We’re focusing on transforming South Africa’s energy landscape through the advancement of LNG, which has a key role to play in increasing industrial output and power supply while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By driving competition in the energy market, our LNG offering has potential to boost local manufacturing and drive economic growth through the transfer of skills and creation of employment.”


In addition to an abundant energy resource for generating electricity and providing fuel for industrial processes and heating, LNG can be used as a raw material to produce chemicals, fertilizer, and hydrogen. It can also be used in several residential, commercial, and transport applications.

DNG Energy was founded in 2013 by South African entrepreneur, Aldworth Mbalati, with the vision of achieving energy security and stability.  As a 100% black-owned African entity, DNG Energy is creating a pan-African LNG supply network.