Opportunity in the Netherlands: Electrical Engineer - High Voltage
May 18, 2023  

Supplied by Minx Avrabos from SAIEE


As an Engineer, you are part of a project team, and you work on projects for national and regional grid operators. You design, calculate and draw, under the supervision of a Lead Engineer, diagrams and drawings for secondary installation for the control, security and station automation systems of high- and medium voltage installations for new construction, extensions and renovations. 


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Designing and drawing ground and function diagrams.
  • Designing and drawing circuit diagrams.
  • Designing and drawing construction and wiring drawings for panels.
  • Designing and drawing site and building-related drawings (tertiary).
  • Designing and drawing installation and cable routing drawings. 
  • Drawing up piping diagrams and performing cable calculations. 
  • Drafting lists of materials and work descriptions.
  • Performing recordings on location and recording them in a report. 



  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering / BTech in Electrical Engineering or similar;
  • Experience with High Voltage Engineering (must); 
  • At least 2 years of relevant work experience.


Who is Xelvin?

Xelvin is a Dutch consultancy company specializing in engineering. Xelvin is a Dutch consultancy company specializing in engineering. Xelvin have successfully helped over 66 South Africans bachelors and masters (mechatronics, mechanical, and electrical engineering) to obtain ggreat jobs in the Netherlands. We assist you with the entire process from A to Z, Visas, working permit, finding proper housing, Dutch language lessons, the opening of a bank account and all other miscellaneous things. 


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