Save the date: Talk on “Integrating Large Levels of Offshore Wind Power using Multi-Terminal HVDC Networks”
May 23, 2023  

Supplied by Minx Avrabos from SAIEE

The Postgraduate School of Engineering Management, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, invites you to a public lecture entitled:  “Integrating Large Levels of Offshore Wind Power using Multi-Terminal HVDC Networks” by Prof Johan Enslin,  Clemson University, University of Johannesburg



The increased efforts to integrate large amounts of offshore wind power to existing AC onshore networks through limited point of interconnections provide fundamental challenges in terms of contingency analysis and power transfers. The AC network may already be congested and may already have large levels of onshore wind and solar power generation. There are therefore important requirements needed to maintain and maybe increased the reliability and resiliency of the power supply. 

The steady improvement of the voltage levels, HVDC converter and protection technology, as well as hydrogen and hydro energy storage systems, are creating opportunities for the wide-scale adoption of HVDC converter-based transmission, coupled with bulk energy storage systems in multi-terminal HVDC (MTDC) configurations. The objective of this presentation is to focus on the technology readiness and development of the interconnection system standards to integrate large levels of offshore wind generation through MTDC offshore networks.


Bio: Johan H Enslin, PhD, FIEEE, FSAIEE.

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Dr. Johan H Enslin is the Duke Energy Endowed Chaired Professor at Clemson University in North Charleston SC and Director for the Academic Programs at the Zucker Family Graduate Education Center. He is also a Distinguished Visiting Professor at University of Johannesburg in South Africa. He has combined a balanced industry and academic career with 42-year leadership experience in industry and academia throughout the USA, Europe and South Africa. Dr. Enslin’s current research focusses mainly in the area of building a smarter, modern integrated AC & DC power grid with high penetration of converter-based resources (IBR). Among others he is evaluating the role and optimization of energy storage technologies in grid modernization initiatives, hybrid AC & DC power grids and offshore HVDC systems. He is a Fellow of the SAIEE and Fellow of the IEEE. He is currently serving as VP of Industry and Standards and AdCom member for the IEEE PELS Society.

Date: 31 May 2023
Time: 15h00 - 16h30
Venue: BLOCK B RED 20, UJ Bunting Road Campus, Auckland Park
RSVP: Prescious Maputle - preciousm@uj.ac.za