SAIEE Student Membership Fees waived - effective 01 March-31 August 2024
April 2, 2024  

Supplied by SAIEE Council from SAIEE
SAIEE Council has decided to waive all Student Membership fees until 31 August 2024

SAIEE Student Membership fees waived until 31 August 2024!

The South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) is always looking at novel ways to grow the institute and to ensure sustainability. Our growth comes in two forms:

1) From new members who are already in the field, and

2) From organic conversion from student members to members/associates.

Any organization worth its salt knows that the biggest contribution to an institute will emanate from converting its student members into members. Being an SAIEE student member comes at a cost of R205, payable annually.

Is this cost reasonable or not?

As a student at a higher education institute (University, University of Technology or TVET College), it is a well-known fact that tuition fees are expensive. This was evidenced by the 2018 student strike at Wits University, which resulted in the government of the time resolving to offer free education through a scheme called the NSFAS.

Typically, any social club/grouping has to register at the HEI in question to be recognized. Thereafter comes the hard slog of recruiting other like-minded individuals to join the cause. In our instance, for Electrical Engineering students to get involved with the said HEI’s student chapter.

To date there has been a vexing question as to what a reasonable amount to charge for student membership is.

The SAIEE has decided on the following:

1. The SAIEE Student Membership fees remain at the current level and not increase for the next 5 years.

2. The SAIEE Student Membership fees be waived until 31 August 2024.

3. The waiver in point 2 above is communicated in the form of a discount to student members for the recommended period.

For more information on SAIEE Student Membership, feel free to contact our dependable Membership Team via the following details:

Connie 011-487-9045 or email connie@saiee.org.za

Thandolwethu 011-487-9050 or email thando@saiee.org.za

Alternatively, navigate to the SAIEE website Membership pages for more information: bit.ly/JoinSAIEE