Cable Jointing Termination & Testing | SAIEE Training Academy JHB

Cable Jointing Termination & Testing | SAIEE Training Academy JHB
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Event Name: Cable Jointing Termination & Testing | SAIEE Training Academy JHB
Event Date: 19 September 2019
Starting Date: 19 Sep 08:00
Ending Date: 20 Sep 16:00
Event Type: CPD Course
Event Theme: Cable Jointing Termination & Testing
Venue: SAIEE House, 18A Gill Street, Observatory, Johannesburg
Province: Gauteng
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Cable Jointing Termination & Testing | SAIEE Training Academy JHB


Due to physical limits on cable lengths for manufacturing and packaging, joints in cables become inevitable, particularly in the context of the utility sector. The cables need to be also terminated at sending and receiving end equipment, a very wide variety of them, in utility as well as industry applications and this calls for appropriate cable termination accessories. Cable terminations and joints form the weakest link in any distribution system. Also, a failed joint in an underground distribution system is much more difficult to locate and repair compared to any similar problem in overhead distribution systems.

We will discuss the different types of cables, the properties of the insulation materials, installation, testing as well as fault location in this course by looking at the fundamental aspects involved in this workshop.



Who Should Attend

  • Consulting Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Power System Protection and Control Engineers
  • Building Service Designers
  • Data Systems Planners and Managers
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Technicians
  • Master Electricians



Cables: Historic Perspective

Need for Cable Joints and Terminations

Electrical Stress Concentration

Cable Construction

  • Cable components
  • Factors determining the construction
    - Voltage
    - Current carrying capacity
    - Environmental conditions
  • Conductor material
    - Properties
    - Stranding
    - Conductor shape


Cable Insulation Materials

  • Rubber
  • Paper
  • PVC
  • XLPE
  • Mineral


Cable Types

  • PILC
  • XLPE
  • Low Voltage

Electrical Breakdown of Insulating Materials

  • Breakdown mechanisms
    - Intrinsic breakdown
    - Electronic breakdown
    - Avalanche or Streamer breakdown
    - Electromechanical breakdown
    - Thermal breakdown
    - Electrochemical breakdown
    - Treeing and tracking


Jointing and Termination Practice

  • Cable Lugs and Ferrules
    - Applications
    - Selection Criteria
    - Do’s and Dont’s
  • Accessories (Joints and Terminations)
    - Electrical Stress Control
    - Terminations
    - Joints


Installation of Cables

  • Cable Drum Handling
  • Lifting
  • Cable Pulling Force
  • Minimum Bending Radius
  • Single Core Cable Configurations

Cable Testing

  • Type Testing (qualifying testing)
  • Production Testing (routine testing)
  • Field Testing


Fault Location

  • Visual Inspection of Exposed Cables
  • Transmitter-Receiver Test
  • Surge Generator (Thumper) Test
  • Murray Loop Test
  • Electro-Acoustic Detection
  • Time Domain Reflectometry
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