Following on from the SAIEE National Conference, held on the 27-29 November 2019, the SAIEE - along with event organisers iDNA - have made all presentations held at the conference available to the public.

All presentations are in .pdf format. All copyrights and trademarks are owned by the respective persons and/or companies.

Feel free to peruse the collection of papers and presentations below. All presentation are listed as they appeared at the SAIEE National Conference 2019:

(Please note that not all speakers have given consent to have their presentations published)

DAY 1 - OPENING PLENARY: Imagine Tomorrow

DAY 2 - PLENARY TWO: Powering Solutions


TRACK 1 - SESSION 1: Engineering a Sustainable Future

"Renewable and Smart Energy Revolutions for Sustainable Development"
Daniel Chowdhury - Professor, Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)

"78 Corlett Drive: A Case Study"
Chilufya Lombe - Director, Solid Green

"Applying Net-Zero in Africa"
Marc Sherrat - Managing Director, Marc Sherrat Sustainability Architects (MSSA)

"1 Discovery Place: A Case Study in Sustainability"

Yovka Raytcheva-Schaap - Associate | Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) Consulting & Project Management, Aurecon

TRACK 2 - SESSION 1: Accelerating the Transformation of the ESI

"H2Village: Solar PV - Hydrogen Hybrid Energy System for Off-Grid Rural Communities in Africa"
Prof. Chandima Gomes - Professor of High Voltage Engineering & Chair of ESKOM
Power Plant Engineering Institute, University of the Witwatersrand

"Bulk Energy Storage Integration - Planning Studies"
Preshaan Jaglal - Planning CoE Engineer, Eskom Holding SOC Ltd

"Accelerated Replacement of the Eskom Coal Fleet: An Opportunity to Transform the ESI"
Clyde Mallinson - Director, Virtual Energy and Power (VEP)

TRACK 3 - SESSION 1: Next Generation Automated Industries

"Digital Twin"
Gerhard Hattingh - Digital Enterprise Business & Evangelist, Siemens South Africa

"SCADA Systems in Industry"
David A. Kyereahene-Mensah - Maintenance Engineering Manager, Dana Spicer Axle South Africa

"Functional Printing for a Future Africa"
Suzanne Smith - Lecturer, University of Pretoria


TRACK 4 - SESSION 1: Future Networks. Now.

No presentations submitted for publishing

TRACK 5 - SESSION 1: Entrepreneurship, Education and the 4IR

"The Impact of 4IR on Technical Skills Development, Pre and Post Qualifcation"
Gideon Potgieter - CEO, Resolution Circle

"Future Proofing our Careers and Organisations"
Brian Chevere - Consultant, TAC Consultants

"The Unbundling of the Electrical Utility and the Rise of the Energy Entrepreneur"

Brent Hare - Senior Supervisor, Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd

TRACK 6 - SESSION 1: Innovation Stage

"Sustaining Engineering in a Digitized World"
Andrew Gotora - Engineering Programmer, ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions

"Navigating the Ever Changing World of Work"
Tim Modipa - Alternate Construction Manager, ERI Eskom Rotek Industries

"The State of Financial Resources and Instruments for Renewable and Alternative Energy Technologies to Power Human Capital Development Facilities: Challenges and Opportunities for Sub-Saharan Africa"
Tonderai Njowera - Independant Civil Engineer

"Achieving Business Goals in a Technology-Driven Future: The Challenge of Communication"
Roger Silberberg - Director, Innovation Africa

"Technology Innovation Begins with Human Beings: The Case for Making South Africa a Technology Inspired Society"
Keitumetse Molamu - Founder and CEO, Mulika Technology

"Sustainable Development for Africa Through Strategic Change in Intellectual Property: Law Policy, Engineering and Constitutional Law Reforms"
Ernest Bhero - Lecturer, University of KwaZulu-Natal

"The Importance of Contracts for Contractors"
Uwe Putlitz - Founder and CEO, Building Strategy PTY Ltd


TRACK 1 - SESSION 2: Smart Cities

"Smart Cities and the Fourth Industrial Revolution"
Shafraaz Abdoola - Principal Manager, Centre for Scientific and Industrial Revolution

"Leveraging Virtual Reality and Immersive Technology"

Richard Aldous - Director, 3D Tours

TRACK 2 - SESSION 2: Resilience & the Co-ordination of the Power System

"How to Foster Collective Sensemaking for a More Resilient Outcome to Power System Incidents"
José Correira - Enterprise Resilience Assessment Manager, Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd


TRACK 3 - SESSION 2: Big Data and Data Science

"Electricity and Cable Theft Detection and Prevention using Artificial Intelligence"
Keith Katyora - Electrical Engineer, Aurecon

"Smart Metering"
Edison Makwarela - Electrical (Information) Engineer, Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd

"Edge Intelligence - Unlocking the Power of Sensor Networks with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Enable a Smarter Future"
Wiebke Toussaint - PhD Student in Edge Intelligence, Technical University of Delft (Netherlands)

TRACK 4 - SESSION 2: Secure Connectivity

"Secure Our Cyberspace : Leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence"
Nithen Naidoo - CEO, Snode Technologies

"Cybersecure Future: The Pitfalls in the Conventional Engineering Approach - Playing It Safe"
Lloyd Chego - Senior Manager Cyber Security, Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd

"Cybersecure Electricity: Setting Up for Success"
Morne Russouw - Senior Engineer, Proconics

TRACK 6 - SESSION 2: Innovation Stage

"Bringing Healthcare to Africa: Reality or Myth?"
Herve Mwamba - Mechatronic and Biomedical Engineer, eMoyo Technologies

"Robotic Process Automation: Lessons Learned"
Golara Khayltash - RPA Solution Architect, Jurumani

"Training and Mentoring: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
Geeven Moodley - Managing Director, Digsilent Buyisa


SAIEE Women In Engineering Breakfast
"Own your Power and Unlock your Potential with Faith Mangope"


PLENARY THREE: Connecting to Africa's Next

Trend Talk Series

"How Can Blockchain Solve Africa's Challenges?"
John Lombela - Founder, Cryptovecs Capital

"What Should We Be Doing for Yound People to Prepare Them for the New World?"
Chinezi Chijoke - CEO and Co-founder, Nova Pioneer Education Group

PLENARY FOUR: Sparking Opportunites

"World View on the State of Technolgy for Electrical Power Utilities"
Rob Stephen - President, CIGRE

"The Future And What To Do About It"
Mark Stevenson - Author of "An Optimists Tour of the Future" & "We Do Things Differently: Stories From The Frontlines Of The Future", Strategic Advisor to Medicines Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders), GSMA and Virgin