SAIEE Bernard Price Memorial Lectures

Date Topic Link Additional Content
58th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture New Technologies of Intelligent Systems for a Global World [click here]  
60th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture Carbon Capture and Storage: Ready to Deliver? [click here]  
62nd Bernard Price Memorial Lecture Re-imagining the Internet in the 21st Century [click here]  
64th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture Sustainable Engineering Education [click here]  
65th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture The 4th Industrial Revolution: A.I. and Society [click here]  
67th Benrard Price Memorial Lecture Automatic Control [click here]  
68th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture Connectivity [click here]  

SAIEE Annual General Meetings

Date Title Link Additional Content
27 April 2018 The SAIEE Challenge: The World is Changing [click here]  
28 March 2019 Digital Transformation: The Enabler for Economic and Social Inclusivity [click here]  
31 Match 2020 SAIEE Annual General Meeting (held Online via webinar) [click here]  

SAIEE Technical Talks

Additional Content
26 September 2019 ST-Talks: Lightning [click here]  
21 May 2020 Asset Management Series: ISO55K - A General Overview [click here]  
28 May 2020 Asset Management Series: ISO55K - Sample Artefacts [click here]  
04 June 2020 Asset Management Series: ISO55K - CIGRE TB787: Implementation in Electric Utilities [click here]  
11 June 2020 Asset Management Series: ISO55K - Maintenance Strategies [click here]
25 June 2020 Asset Management Series: ISO55k - Asset Condition Assessment [click here]  
25 June 2020 ST-Talks: Biomedical Engineering [click here]  
30 June 2020 ST-Talk: Blockchain Technology in the Energy Sector [click here]  
02 July 2020 Asset Management Series: ISO55K - Project Portfolio Optimisation [click here]  

SAIEE Nuclear Chapter

Date Title Link Additional Content
07 July 2020 "Implications of the 2.5GW Nuclear on IRP2019" [click here]  

SAIEE Power and Energy Section

Date Title Link Additional Content
30 June 2020 "Blockchain Technology in the Energy Sector [click here]  

SAIEE Load Research Chapter



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YouTube Link
n/a "Load Research?" Hendri Geldenhuys [click here] n/a
03 April 2019 "Current State of Load Research in South Africa and the Future" Marcus Dekenah [click here] n/a
04 April 2019 "Load Modelling Applications in Power System Analysis" Jaco A. Alberts [click here] n/a
04 April 2019 "Load Research Data and Information Dissemination" Lloyd Setlhogo [click here] n/a
26 June 2019 "Load Research Roadmap" Marcus Dekenah & Dr. Bernard Bekker [click here] n/a
26 June 2019 "Archiving the Domestic Electrical Load Study (DELS) Data" Wiebke Toussaint [click here] n/a
26 June 2019 "Feedback Regarding the Load Research Chapter" Monde Soni [click here] n/a
16 July 2019 "Data Visualization for Load Research" Jacques Booysen [click here]
[click here]
30 July 2019 "Shedding the Light on Residential Consumer Behaviour in South Africa" Wiebke Toussaint [click here]
[click here]
20 August 2019 "Combined System-wide Value of Sectoral Electrical Demand Flexibility in South Africa's Integrated Energy System" Gregory Ireland [click here] n/a
03 September 2019 "Domestic & Non-Domestic Electric Load Modelling" Keynote Address: Dr. Rob Stephen
Presentations by: Dr. Schalk Heunis, Marcus Dekenah, Justice Chihota, Rasmun Moonsamy
n/a [click here]
17 September 2019 "Geospatial Load Modelling Using a Consumption-driven Philosophy" Anrich Steyn [click here] [click here]
17 October 2019 "Principles of Geo-based Load Forecasting" Attie Senekal [click here] [click here]
31 October 2019 "Estimating Domestic Consumer Electric Load Models Using DPet and DProfile-mixer Software Tools" Marcus Dekenah T.B.C T.B.C
18 February 2020 "Load Research Metering and Meter Data Management Systems" Tando Figlan [click here]
[Click Here]
27 February 2020 "Introduction to Building Energy Models for Power and Energy Demand Analysis" Mike Barker T.B.C. [Click Here]
17 March 2020 "Demand Forecasting for Eskom Transmission Network Planning in a Rapidly Evolving Power Sector" Jana Breedt [Click Here]
[Click Here]
30 March 2020 "Impact of Lockdown on Power Network at Local Distribution Level" Various n/a [Click Here]
31 March 2020 "Machine-learning Based Demand Models: Potential Game Changers for Electrification" Stephen Lee [Click Here]
[Click Here]
06 April 2020 "Impact of Lockdown on the Power System at System Level" Various n/a [Click Here]
21 April 2020 "Introduction to Network Resilience" Malcom Van Harte [Click Here]
[Click Here]
19 May 2020 "Protection of Personal Information: The POPI act for Load Researchers, Analysts and Planners" Ross Saunders [Click Here] [Click Here]
17 June 2020 "EPRI's Integration of Renewable Energy Resources" Aiden Tuohy [Click Here] [Click Here]