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SAIEE Bernard Price Memorial Lectures Date Topic Video Link
58th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture 2009 New Technologies of Intelligent Systems for a Global World [click here]
60th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture 2011 Carbon Capture and Storage: Ready to Deliver [click here]
62nd Bernard Price Memorial Lecture 2013 Re-imagining the Internet in the 21st Century [click here]
64th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture 2015 Sustainable Engineering Education [click here]
65th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture 2016 The 4th Industrial Revolution: A.I. & Society [click here]
67th Bernard Price Memoral Lecture 2018 Automatic Control [click here]
68th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture 2019 Connectivity [click here]
70th Bernard Price Memorial Lecture 2021 Global Electric Power Sector: Engaging with Environmental Issues [click here]
71st Bernard Price Memorial Lecture 2022 Provably Beneficial Artificial Intelligence [click here]
72nd Bernard Price Memorial Lecture 2023 Power Quality Challenges that New Technologies Bring to Distribution Grids of the Future [click here]
SAIEE Annual General Meetings Date Topic Video Link
SAIEE AGM 2018 2018/04/27 The SAIEE Challenge: The World is Changing [click here]
SAIEE AGM 2019 2019/03/28 Digital Transformation: The Enabler for Economic and Social Inclusivity [click here]
SAIEE Online AGM 2020 2020/03/31 Annual General Meeting 2020 [click here]
SAIEE Hybrid AGM 2022 2022/03/24 Information Analytics and Decision-making in Business [click here]
SAIEE AGM 2023 2023/03/23 Load-shedding: Can South Africa Be Saved? [click here]
SAIEE Hybrid AGM 2024 2024/03/19 Empowering the Next Generation of SAIEE Members [click here]
SAIEE President's Invitational Lecture Date Topic Video Link
SAIEE President's Invitational Lecture 2021 2021/08/24 Enhancing Manufacturing Competitiveness in South Africa: A Perspective on Supply Chain Logistics [click here]
SAIEE President's Invitational Lecture 2022 2022/09/08 Value Creation through Analytics - a MTN Case Study [click here]
SAIEE President's Invitational Lecture 2023 2023/06/22 Is a Power Blackout in South Africa Possible? [click here]
SAIEE President's Inaugural Address Date Topic Video Link
SAIEE President's Inaugural Address 2021 2021/03/31 The Future of Work [click here]
SAIEE President's Inaugural Address 2022 2022/03/31 Information Analytics and Decision-making in Business [click here]
SAIEE President's Inaugural Address 2023 2023/03/31 Load-shedding: Can SA Be Saved? [click here]
Centres Date Topic Video Link
Central Gauteng Centre 2022/07/14 Impact of Inverter-based Generation on Grid Stability [click here]
Free State Centre 2020/10/22 Outline of Renewable Energy in South Africa [click here]
  2020/11/24 Understanding Smart Cities [click here]
  2021/06/08 An Optimisation-driven Declarative Framework and its Power Applications [click here]
  2021/07/22 Dry-type Transformers: Its Application and Practical Examples [click here]
  2022/10/20 Cast Resin Transformers: The Path to a Greener Future [click here]
  2023/03/09 Education Crisis in South Africa: How Do We Fix It? [click here]
Eastern Cape Centre 2021/03/10 SAIEE ECC: Annual General Meeting 2021 [click here]
Mpumalanga Centre 2020/11/19 Large Motors & Drive Systems (Part One) [click here]
  2020/11/26 Large Motors & Drive Systems (Part Two) [click here]
  2021/02/02 Modelling Approach to Certify the Accuracy Class of CT's and VT's [click here]
  2021/08/05 Principles of Practical Machine Learning [click here]
Kwazulu Natal Centre 2020/08/17 Optimizing Line Designs - Tutorial for TB 638 [click here]
  2020/09/16 Green Economy [click here]
  2020/11/25 Ester Fluids for Power Transformers [click here]
  2021/02/16 Electronic Waste [click here]
  2021/03/30 SAIEE KZN: Annual General Meeting 2021 [click here]
  2021/04/20 Innovations in Transmission Line Asset Management - A Breakfast Meeting [click here]
  2021/05/20 Leveraging Regressions on the Path to Lean Energy [click here]
  2021/07/15 100MW Limit and Associated Grid-tie Considerations [click here]
  2021/08/19 Striving for the Future of Inclusive and Equitable Women's Participation in STEM [click here]
  2021/09/22 Integration of Distributed Energy Resources: Solar PV [click here]
  2021/10/28 Where's My Data? You Can Only Manage What You Can Measure [click here]
  2021/11/18 Lightning Threat Management - What Has Changed and What Will Change? [click here]
  2022/05/24 Cable Theft - A Manufacturers Perspective [click here]
  2022/06/28 Greenhouse-free Solutions for Sustainable Power [click here]
  2022/07/12 Engineering & Patent Law: The Symbiotic Pair for Sustainable Innovation [click here]
  2022/09/13 eThekwini's Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme [click here]
  2023/03/14 Energy Storage in South Africa: Where We've Been & Where We're Going [click here]
  2023/04/19 Utility-scale Solar PV in South Africa [click here]
  2023/05/23 The Current State of Durban's Economy [click here]
  2023/10/17 Augmenting Drones and Artificial Intelligence for Powerline Activities [click here]
Northern Cape Centre   No Videos Uploaded Yet  
Southern Cape Centre   No Videos Uploaded Yet  
Vaal Centre   No Videos Uploaded Yet  
Western Cape Centre   No Videos Uploaded Yet  
Sections Date Topic Video Link
Electronics & Software Section 2022/06/09 The IT Sky Above Us [click here]
  2023/03/30 Data Centres: A Virtual Tour [click here]
Telecommunications Section 2021/05/05 Webinar Series Part 1: 5G Standards Overview [click here]
  2021/05/12 Webinar Series Part 2: 5G Ecosystems Application [click here]
  2021/05/19 Webinar Series Part 3: 5G Spectrum [click here]
  2021/05/26 Webinar Series Part 4: 5G Health and Safety [click here]
  2021/06/02 Webinar Series Part 5: 5G SMME's & Entrepreneurship Opportunities [click here]
  2021/06/09 Webinar Series Part 6: 5G Applications [click here]
Power & Energy Section 2020/06/30 Blockchain Technology in the Energy Sector [click here]
  2020/07/09 Global Electric Power Sector: Engaging with Environmental Issues [click here]
  2020/07/22 Energy Efficiency in Smart Buildings Through IoT Sensor Integration [click here]
  2020/08/13 Role of the Smart Grid in Facilitating the Integration of Renewables [click here]
  2020/08/19 Internet of Things: An Enabling Technology for Remote Condition Monitoring of Power System Equipment [click here]
  2020/08/26 How to Write an Effective Technical Paper [click here]
  2020/08/31 Off-grid Systems for Energy Poverty Alleviation [click here]
  2020/09/16 Managing Uncertanties of the Future Grid [click here]
  2021/11/17 Blockchain-enabled Transactive Energy Use Cases [click here]
  2022/11/08 Development of Green Hydrogen in South Africa [click here]
  2023/11/07 Panel Discussion: The Transition to Renwables - Lessons from Australia [click here]
Rotating Machines Section 2018/02/20 Varibox RADIALcvt: The Future - Now [click here]
  2018/04/16 The Effect of the Three-level Neutral Point Clamped Inverter on the Core Loss of a Synchronous Reluctance Machine [click here]
  2018/05/23 Control Supply Solutions for Power Plants [click here]
  2018/05/23 Bearing Currents in Electrical Machines [click here]
  2018/10/23 The Effects of a Changing Grid Code on Generators [click here]
  2018/10/23 Impact of 'Relaxed' Frequency Control on Rotating Machines [click here]
  2018/11/01 Key Design Aspects of a Novel Synchronous Reluctance Motor with a Sinusoidal Rotor Shape for Less Ripple Torque Elements [click here]
  2018/11/02 Synthetic Inertia and VSG's on Microgrids [click here]
  2019/02/20 Challenges with Wind Generator Technology and Electrical Machine Technology - Part 1 [click here]
  2019/02/20 Challenges with Wind Generator Technology and Electrical Machine Technology - Part 2 [click here]
  2019/05/23 Shaft Voltage and Current [click here]
  2019/05/23 Modelling and Prevention of Bearing Currents in Inverter-driven Electrical Machines [click here]
  2019/05/24 Challenges of Revising Grid Codes in the Face of Evolving Power Generation [click here]
  2019/05/24 Synchronous Machine Operator's Utopian-Dystopian Stalemate [click here]
  2019/10/21 An Introduction to Rotor Dynamics in Induction Rotor Driven Systems [click here]
  2019/10/30 eScooters Drive Micro-mobility Revolution [click here]
  2020/06/10 Introducing: Rotating Machines Section [click here]
  2020/07/21 Recent Innovations and Limitations in the Measurement of Partial Discharges in Rotating Machines [click here]
  2020/09/10 The Refurbishment of SABS' World Class NEFTA High Power Testing Laboratory [click here]
  2020/10/13 Vibration Measurement and Analysis of Electrical Rotating Machines [click here]
  2020/10/21 Power Generation in New Zealand [click here]
  2021/06/01 Medium Voltage Submersible Mine Shaft Drainage Motors [click here]
  2021/10/26 Rotating Electrical Machine Insulation [click here]
  2022/05/25 Maximum Power Point Tracking of Wound Rotor Wind Generators [click here]
  2022/09/27 Linear Electric Machines for use in Gravity Energy Storage Systems [click here]
  2023/02/23 Determining an Induction Machines Torque-speed Curve from an Audio Spectrogram [click here]
  2023/05/25 WEG Motion Fleet Management: A Cloud-based Condition Monitoring Solution [click here]
  2023/10/26 Insight and Potentials of Wound-Field Flux Modulation Machines for Renewable Energy Technologies [click here]
Historical Section   No Videos Uploaded Yet  
Systems Section   No Videos Uploaded Yet  
Building Section   No Videos Uploaded Yet  
Chapters Date Topic Video Link
Cable Theft Chapter 2022/09/07 Combating the Scourge of Cable Theft [click here]
Computing Chapter 2022/08/30 Quantam Computing [click here]
  2023/05/25 Cloud Computing - How to Improve your Productivity [click here]
Smart Cities Chapter 2022/07/21 The Current State of Smart Cities in South Africa [click here]
Women In Engineering Chapter 2020/07/14 Leadership in a Time of Crisis and Uncertainty [click here]
  2020/08/05 Energy Transition: Repositioning Women for a New Reality [click here]
  2021/03/08 Celebrating International Women's Day 2021 [click here]
  2021/07/06 Women In Engineering Celebration: Engineering Heroes [click here]
  2021/08/10 Women Engineering the Future - Session 1 [click here]
  2022/08/16 Closing the Gender Gap [click here]
  2023/09/23 Women Making a Difference in the Renewable Energy Industry [click here]
Lightning Chapter 2021/04/19 Lightning Chapter Launch: Empowering Members with Knowledge [click here]
  2021/11/23 Lightning Evidence: The Emperical Data [click here]
Railway Chapter 2021/04/21 Artificial Intelligence in Engineering [click here]
  2022/03/23 Fuel Cell Rail Motive Power Applications [click here]
Energy Storage Chapter 2021/04/01 The Future of Hydrogen Economy in SA: Development of Business Models [click here]
  2021/06/03 Energy Storage Technology - A Need for Clean Options [click here]
  2021/09/09 The Value of Long-duration Flow Battery for Energy Storage [click here]
  2021/09/15 Energy Storage Debate: Battery Storage vs Fuel Cell [click here]
  2022/03/29 Benefits of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) for Utility-scale Batteries in South Africa [click here]
  2022/08/18 Understanding the Standard Governing Energy Storage Batteries [click here]
  2022/09/12 International Round Table on Energy Storage Systems [click here]
  2023/11/14 Overview of the Energy Storage Consortium [click here]
Cyber Security Chapter 2021/04/28 Cybersecurity Skills Development [click here]
  2021/09/02 Maintaining and Remediating Cloud [click here]
  2021/10/06 Gone Phishing [click here]
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Chapter 2020/11/24 Entrepreneurship & Innovation for Growth and Development [click here]
Nuclear Chapter 2020/08/26 Study Committee on Nuclear Nexus of Applications [click here]
  2020/09/09 Unpacking South Africa's Energy Challenges [click here]
  2020/09/23 Water Security & Clean Water Technologies [click here]
  2020/11/17 Study Committee on Nuclear Science and Technology [click here]
  2021/04/21 Study Committee on Nuclear Education [click here]
  2021/07/27 Study Committee on Nuclear Energy [click here]
  2022/02/16 Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Biology [click here]
  2022/11/01 Current Status of Nuclear New Build and SMR Developments [click here]
  2023/02/16 The Power Cell [click here]
  2023/04/26 Nuclear Science and Technologies at the IAEA [click here]
  2023/06/28 USNC Micro Modular Reactor - SMall Reactor, Big Potential [click here]
  2023/07/26 Real Nuclear Costing Options for South Africa [click here]
  2023/09/20 Fibre Optic Sensors for Nuclear Reactors and ATLAS-CERN Detectors [click here]
  2023/10/25 X Energy Pebble Bed Reactor XE-100 (sponsored by IDC) [click here]
  2024/03/28 Enhancing Nuclear Safety and Security through Technical Support Organisations (TSOs) [click here]
Load Research Chapter 2019/07/30 Shedding Light on Residential Energy Consumer Behavior in South Africa [click here]
  2019/09/03 Domestic & Non-domestic Load Modelling - Part 1 [click here]
  2019/09/03 Domestic & Non-domestic Load Modelling - Part 2 [click here]
  2019/09/03 Domestic & Non-domestic Load Modelling - Part 3 [click here]
  2019/09/03 Domestic & Non-domestic Load Modelling - Part 4 [click here]
  2019/09/03 Domestic & Non-domestic Load Modelling - Part 5 [click here]
  2019/09/03 Domestic & Non-domestic Load Modelling - Part 6 [click here]
  2019/09/03 Domestic & Non-domestic Load Modelling - Part 7 [click here]
  2019/09/03 Domestic & Non-domestic Load Modelling - Part 8 [click here]
  2019/07/16 Data Visualization [click here]
  2019/09/17 Geospatial Load Modelling Using a Consumption-driven Philosophy [click here]
  2019/10/17 Principles of Geo-based Load Forecasting [click here]
  2020/02/18 Load Research Metering and Meter Data Management Systems [click here]
  2020/02/27 Introduction to Building Energy Models for Power and Energy Demand Analysis [click here]
  2020/03/17 Demand Forecasting for Eskom Transmission Network Planning [click here]
  2020/03/30 Impact of the Lockdown on the Power System Network at Local Distribution Level [click here]
  2020/03/31 Machine-learning Based Demand Models [click here]
  2020/04/06 Virtual Think Tank: Impact of the Lockdown on the Power System at System Level [click here]
  2020/04/21 Introduction to Network Resilience [click here]
  2020/05/19 Protection of Personal Information: POPI Act for Load Researchers, Analysts & Planners [click here]
  2020/06/17 EPRI's Program for Integration of Renewable Energy Resources [click here]
  2020/07/21 EPRI's Demand Response Program [click here]
  2020/07/27 Impact of Covid-19 on the Economy and Electrical Demand [click here]
  2020/08/18 Distribution Network Planning for Renewables [click here]
  2020/10/20 Digitised NERSA Tariff Database [click here]
  2020/10/20 Modelling the South African Integrated Resource Plan [click here]
  2020/11/17 Load Models in Power System Simulation [click here]
  2021/03/16 GIS Visualization for Planning [click here]
  2021/04/22 The Impact of Lockdowns on Load Demand in South Africa - A Review of the Actual Data [click here]
  2021/06/15 Data Science - Extracting Knowledge from Data [click here]
  2021/07/28 Data-based Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) in South Africa [click here]
  2021/08/17 Remote Sensing, Aerial Survey and Geospatial Data for Planning [click here]
  2021/09/21 Insights into Demographics of SA Households from MAPS [click here]
  2021/10/19 Probabilistic Conductor and Transformer Size Selection in LV Distribution [click here]
  2021/11/16 Computing Our Way To Electric Computing (eTaxi's for Africa) [click here]
  2022/02/24 Microgrids: Social, Economic and Technical Perspectives [click here]
  2022/03/29 Benefits of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) for Utility-scale Batteries in South Africa [click here]
  2022/04/21 Business Case for 'Going off-grid', Technical Considerations and Risks [click here]
  2022/07/19 Open-source Power System Modelling Capability in South Africa [click here]
  2022/10/18 The Importance of Lighting: Knowledge, Testing and Design [click here]
  2022/11/22 Demand Flexibility: Using Direct Load Control of EWH's [click here]
  2023/03/28 Factors Influencing Take-up of Renewables in Residential Cluster Living [click here]
  2023/05/23 "Under the Hood" of Frankfort's Solar Embedded Gen Facility [click here]
  2023/06/20 Probabilistic Planning for Future Networks [click here]
  2023/07/18 Operational and Planning Challenges for a Future Power System [click here]
  2023/09/19 Growth of SA Residential Solar Market and the Impact on the Future [click here]
  2023/10/24 The Transition to Renewables - Lessons from Australia [click here]
  2023/11/07 SAIEE Power & Energy Section Panel Discussion: Transition to Renewables - Lessons from Australia [click here]
  2024/02/20 Reducing the Effect of Loadshedding on Communities in South Africa [click here]
  2024/03/19 Modelling EV Charging Impacts on Electricity Consumption Profiles in the Residential Sector Using System Dynamics [click here]
  2024/05/21 A New Approach to Defining, Measuring and Controlling Electric Power [click here]
AMEU/SAIEE Joint Webinar Series Date Topic Video Link
Session 1: Future-proofing of a Digital SA Municipal DX Electricity Utility of the Future 2022/08/10 Panel Discussion [click here]
  2022/08/10 Malcolm Van Harte [click here]
  2022/08/10 Mziyanda Mbuseli [click here]
  2022/08/10 Rakesh Maharaj [click here]
  2022/08/10 Thomas Garner [click here]
  2022/08/10 Prof Pat Naidoo [click here]
  2022/08/10 Prof Wikus Van Niekerk [click here]
  2022/08/10 Dr Willie De Beer [click here]
  2022/08/10 Vally Padayachee [click here]
  2022/08/10 Jayshree Pershad [click here]
Session 2: Exploring Use Cases for Typical SA Municipality Distribution Electricity Utilities 2022/08/12 Panel Discussion [click here]
  2022/08/12 Shane Prins [click here]
  2022/08/12 Hendrick Raedani [click here]
  2022/08/12 Passmore Dongi [click here]
  2022/08/12 Michael Nkosi [click here]
  2022/08/12 Q & A Session [click here]
  2022/08/12 Cynthia Ngomane [click here]
  2022/08/12 Dr Chantel Naidoo [click here]
  2022/08/12 Thebe Mamakoko [click here]
  2022/08/12 Steve Nicholls [click here]
  2022/08/12 Previous Session Recap [click here]
Session 3: Evolving business models for a sustainable SA municipality Dx Electricity Utility 2022/08/16 Al'louis Van Deventer [click here]
  2022/08/16 Stephane Barbeau [click here]
  2022/08/16 Tony Woods & Lesley Ferrando [click here]
  2022/08/16 Matt Baumgurel & Adriaan van der Merwe [click here]
  2022/08/16 At van der Merwe [click here]
  2022/08/16 Vally Padayachee [click here]
Session 4: Asset Management for a sustainable SA municipality Dx Electricity Utility 2022/08/18 Panel Discussion [click here]
  2022/08/18 Abdul Aziz Jacobs [click here]
  2022/08/18 Teboho Ramorapeli [click here]
  2022/08/18 Floris Mostert [click here]
  2022/08/18 Amar Jaykaran [click here]
  2022/08/18 Leanetse Matutoane [click here]
Session 5: Effective Integration of Embedded Generation in a SA Municipal DX Electricity Utility 2022/08/23 Panel Discussion [click here]
  2022/08/23 Chandima Gomes [click here]
  2022/08/23 Monique Leroux [click here]
  2022/08/23 Warrick Pierce [click here]
  2022/08/23 Hendrick Raedani [click here]
  2022/08/23 Mark Borchers [click here]
Session 6: Impact of the 3 D’s in a typical SA municipality DX electricity utility 2022/08/25 Lloyd Jones [click here]
  2022/08/25 Malcolm Van Harte [click here]
  2022/08/25 Hans-Arilde Bredesen [click here]
  2022/08/25 Esrom Malatji [click here]
  2022/08/25 David Nicholls [click here]
  2022/08/25 Veer Ramnarain [click here]
  2022/08/25 Panel Discussion [click here]
Virtual Symposium on Water Security Date Topic Video Link
Water Security Driven by IR 4.0 - Day 1 2022/10/25 Towards the Establishment of the Southern African Water Pool [click here]
Water Security Driven by IR 4.0 - Day 2 2022/10/26 Municipal Fresh Water Environment and Water Resources Governance [click here]
Water Security Driven by IR 4.0 - Day 3 2022/10/27 Nexus of Water, Food Security, Policy and Strategic Invention [click here]
SAIEE/IEEE Date Topic Video Link
SAIEE & IEEE Climate Change Webinar 2022/09/26 Climate Change Strategies [click here]
SAIEE Corporate Partners Date Topic Video Link
Rosatom 2021/05/26 NORM Management - A Chance for Further Waste Minimisation [click here]
  2021/06/29 Smart Utilities - An African Perspective [click here]
  2021/07/28 Nuclear Small Modular Reactors [click here]
  2022/11/25 Wind Power Technologies [click here]
Salto 2021/08/18 Wired and Wireless Access Control Fundamentals [click here]
  2021/09/21 Wired and Wireless Access Control Fundamentals [click here]
Actom 2022/11/17 Actom's Latest Technological Offerings [click here]
SAIEE Technical Talks/ST-Talks Date Topic Video Link
Skhaftini Sessions 2023/10/31 S02 EP02: Navigating Professional Success [click here]
Asset Management Series 2020/05/21 ISO55k: A General Overview [click here]
  2020/05/28 ISO55k: Sample Artefacts [click here]
  2020/06/04 ISO55k: Cigre TB787 - Implementation in Electric Utilities [click here]
  2020/06/11 ISO55k: Maintenance Strategies [click here]
  2020/06/25 ISO55k: Asset Condition Assessment [click here]
  2020/07/02 ISO55k: Project Portfolio Optimisation [click here]
  2020/06/18 ISO55k: Expansion and Operations Planning [click here]
Biomedical Engineering 2020/06/25 The Quest for Person-specific Computational Models in Cochlear Implants [click here]
Power Engineering 2020/07/23 Power Engineering: Strengthening the SAPP/Developing Water Security in SA [click here]
Women In Engineering 2020/07/14 Leadership in a Time of Uncertainty [click here]
  2020/08/18 The Future of Women In Engineering [click here]
Communications 2020/08/20 Television White Spaces (TVWS) [click here]
Power and Energy 2020/06/30 Blockchain Technology in the Energy Sector [click here]
  2020/09/15 The Case for Solar Power in Residential Homes within South Africa [click here]
Lightning 2019/09/26 Lightning [click here]
  2020/09/22 Protection of Structures: How To Do It Wrong! [click here]
Robotics 2020/11/10 Robotics in Times of Covid-19 [click here]
Smart Meters 2020/11/25 Smart Metering in South Africa [click here]
Rotating Machines 2021/02/24 Modelling and Simulation of a DC-excited Vernier Reluctance Machine [click here]
General Discussions & Presentations 2023/07/11 Eskom Power Grid Discussion [click here]
SAIEE Breakfast Seminars Date Topic Video Link
North-West University 2019 Voltage Quality: What Can Be Done? [click here]
Condensator Dominit 2019/01/22 Voltage Conditioning: Power Quality and Voltage Dips, Sags & Unbalance [click here]
Walmet Technologies (Pty) Ltd & Technical Services and Projects CC (TSP) 2019/10/11 Testing of High Voltage Detectors and Phase Comparators [click here]