The SAIEE SmartGrid Conference was held on the 19th to the 21st September 2017 at the Eskom Conference Centre in Midrand, Gauteng.

In his opening address at the SAIEE’s SmartGrid Conference, the President of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE), Jacob Machinjike, said that a smart grid infrastructure would provide unique opportunities for improved electricity services which would benefit people in Africa.

The conference, which was held at the Eskom Convention Centre in Midrand, heard that since the continent has wonderful wind and solar energy resources, these should be harnessed and fed into a smart grid which would efficiently control and regulate the inherently varying supply of electricity.
Machinjike said that the development of a smart grid, which will enable the integration of renewable energy sources into micro- and mini-grids, will also require new skills which industry will have to provide and which may require some changes at tertiary education level.
Please feel free to peruse this section dedicated to the papers and presentations put forward during this prestigious 3 day event:

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Smart Grid Papers:

A Review of the Code of Practice for Electricity Metering to Regulate Smart Metering and Small Scale Embedded Distributed Generation
Implementation of a Multi-Vendor Substation Automation Solution Using IEC 61850 Data Re-sequencing in Smart Grids
A review of Metering Code of Practice and its Readiness for Smart Metering Drive Compliance for Municipalities of South Africa Smart Communities - Embedded Residential Microgrids Smart Meter Interoperability Testing - A Perspective on Requirements and Implementation
A Review of Energy Efficiency Considerations in Optical Backbone Supported Clouds Migrating from TDM (SDH) Based Telecommunications Transport Network to DWDM/OTN, to support both Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) Traffic Analysis of a Foreign Irradiance Estimation Model in the South African Climate in the pursuit of deriving a Humidity Estimation Model
System Architecture and Security Overview for Smart Grids Attempting to Quantify Lightning Using Flash-Over Threat thriugh the use of a Neural Network Network and Data Security Strategy of the Electric Power System
The Efficiency of Securing the Smart Grid for Advanced Metering Infrastructure CSIR Energy Autonomous Campus - Implementation of a Smart Microgrid Power Quality in High Density Residential Distribution Grids
Solar PV Electrification of Diesel Powered Boreholes Differential Protection for Microgrids with Embedded Generations Understanding the Benefits of the Smart Grid in Distribution Networks: eThekwini Electricity Case Study
Stand-alone PV Solar System Design for Ezikhumbeni Village Microgrid Load Management Control Application Smart Microgrids for Rural Electrification
Solar PV based Power Supply with Non-Inverting Buck Boost Converter Design of a Microgrid-based DC Smart Home Repurpose Old Smartphones for Home Automation by Turning Sensors into Signals
Grid Integration and Optimization through Smart Metering Smart grid network: managing, controlling, and monitoring a smart grid network for improved utility operational performance and revenue securitization Load modelling and load profiling to support network operation and design
Key Learnings from the Establishment of a Battery Energy Storage Testing Facility Nowcasting Thunderstorms using Real-Time Lightning Data Green Building Electrical Design or a new Commercial Building in Centurion
Applications of Automotive Technology for the Electrification of Rural Areas through DC Microgrids South African Electric Vehicle Analysis  
Microgrid Case Study: Durban International Convention Centre